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BRAIN in PLAY international

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With Brain Performance Enhancement


- Assisted Living Communities

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Original Research Published


Brain In Play's groundbreaking pilot research was published by The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association in the Fall of 2017. 

The study focuses on the numerous benefits of both endurance exercise and activation coaching in adult populations at risk for Dementia. Brain In Play was selected to present these findings at the Alzheimer's Association's annual conference in London (July '17).

Senior Brain 


As we age, our brains are more likely to suffer from memory problems and neurodegenerative diseases that come with aging. We help treat these challenges with a fast-track evidence-based brain treatment system named 'Senior ENHANCERS'.

General Psychiatric


Most people don't think of depression, anxiety disorders, or stress/adjustment reactions as brain diseases/illnesses, but the latest neuroscience shows that's exactly what they are. We treat them with targeted best practices and customized cognitive behavioral therapies.

Scientific Brain Health Treatment

To facilitate best brain health, we offer top treatment strategies. Based on Nobel Prize research, leading neuroscience, and decades of clinical work, we originated a neurobehavioral solution called Brain Performance Enhancementto help optimize brain cell functioning, reduce brain cell inflammation, and boost immunity.

Brain In Play International


Scientific Brain Wellness

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