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‘THE FOUNTAIN OF YOU TH’ In January 2010, after 4 decades of research, scientists E. Blackburn, C. Greider and J. Szostak had cause for celebration – they had won the Nobel Prize for Medicine...ostensibly for discovering the 'Fountain of Youth’. Indeed, they had definitively proven what causes the aging process, and more importantly, identified specific critical human factors that can be manipulated to delay or accelerate aging. Most importantly, their research demonstrated how ‘anti-aging’ factors prevent, reverse, or minimize chronic diseases, and how the same processes which speed up aging also cause chronic illnesses.¹ While a complete review of the biogenetics of disease-prevention and anti-aging are beyond the scope of this one-pager, the implications of this metaphorical ‘Fountain of Youth’, that is the lore of legend and subject of movies, are groundbreaking – and all about the aggregation, integration and sustainability of key wellbeing behavior routines. While most advanced practice clinicians (including this writer) believed that ‘practicing wellness’ and avoiding high-risk activities/exposures likely offset chronic inflammation and compromised immune-system function (the cardinal signs of disease and sudden death), to understand the micro/macro biogenetic processes which prevent/reverse disease and disability, and activate anti-aging, constituted a major scientific break-through – and is the foundation for Brain In Play's patented wellbeing system.

BIOGENETICS OF WELLNESS & ANTI- AGING The simplest rationale for disease prevention: Blackburn et al.’s life-research shows that combining best-wellness routines with avoiding unhealthy behaviors, changes human biochemistry at cellular/chromosome levels, such that ‘good’ disease-prevention genes are turned on and ‘bad’ disease-causing genes are turned off. Contrary analogue processes work to cause disease states – that is, unhealthy ‘behaviors or exposures’ (bad diet, limited exercise, poor stress management, excessive sun tanning) turn on ‘bad’ disease-causing genes, while simultaneously turning off ‘good’ disease-prevention genes. Clinical studies testing out the ‘real-life’ implications of Blackburn et al.’s work, not only empirically validated this Nobel premise, but found that making healthy lifestyle changes can transition one’s biogenetics/biochemistry from ‘bad’ to ‘good’ very quickly – as reflected in impressive ‘before and after’ lab and clinical test results². While much research had suggested the link between wellness and disease prevention, a recent clinical study by Ornish et al. indicated that over 500 genes are affected by such lifestyle changes.³ Clinically proving that the leading causes of death/disability (heart-disease, stroke, some cancers and dementias, diabetes, depression) can be prevented, delayed and in some cases reversed, was groundbreaking. The simplest rationale for anti-aging: Blackburn et al.’s crowning glory was the discovery that an enzyme called telomerase increases chromosome length, and that telomerase production is increased by healthy lifestyles and reduced by unhealthy behaviors and stress.¹ Since longer chromosomes translate to extended life, the implications are staggering: the aging process can be manipulated! Sustain healthy disease-prevention behaviors (micro-level biogenetics), and telomerase production will facilitate chromosome ‘growth’ and slow down aging (macro-level biogenetics). Conversely, we now know that unhealthy lifestyles not only cause chronic illnesses, but lower telomerase levels and shorten chromosomes – accelerating aging and premature death. Such research-lab findings were recently clinically confirmed in a seminal investigation.º In sum, Brain In Play's founders are excited by the medical science shared in this white-paper. Helping clients make/sustain multiple lifestyle improvements that can transform biogenetics in the short-term - to prevent, delay, or reduce the impact of acute and chronic diseases, and in some cases reverse disease pathology offering cures, is mission-critical. Sustaining key wellbeing practices long-term to extend quality longevity and delay the aging process...that is our ultimate mission.


the best-in-class solution to optimize biogenetic wellbeing: to prevent, reverse or delay diseases, implement anti-aging and avoid hospitals/nursing homes – to set the stage for highest-quality extended longevity at home. Brain In Play has aggregated the top wellness practices (‘Best-12’) and delivers 1:1 coaching, to support multiple wellbeing routines and abstinence from unhealthy behaviors. Of critical import is our patented Activation-Science, which drives upfront and continuous client-engagement using behavioral and brain-science techniques…providing immediate improvement in energy level, brain acuity, mood-regulation, sleep, productivity and serenity. Brain In Play also provides 24/7 emergency on-call, a members-only web portal, an integrated personal health record and medication-safety check, referral access to top performing MDs/hospitals, and arranges for concierge in-person second opinions. Brain In Play's mission is to improve, prolong and save lives by optimizing health, wellbeing and quality of life.

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