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Winning The War Against Concussions In Youth Sports: Brain & Life Saving Solutions For Preventin

Finally, a youth sports head injury book with basic brain and life-saving solutions. Written for middle/high-school and college athletes, parents and coaches, “Winning” empowers readers with the key knowledge and basic tools needed to help prevent and offset brain damaging concussions and accumulated subconcussive impacts. Winning the War Against Concussions in Youth Sports unveils a fast-track brain wellness and safety solution for athletes 21 and under, based on a patent pending innovation called Brain Performance Enhancement or BPE. Called BPE Youth Fast-Track, this condensed version offers six best-practices founded on Nobel Prize research findings and two new medical biosciences informing how to continuously improve the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells. BPE Youth’s quick-win preemptive strike method also turns the tables on youth sports’ biggest day to day challenge, youth playing head hurt, by providing a Code of Honor and Behavior that successfully managed, prevents this from happening. For youth who play head hurt, suffering another head injury can result in fatal or long-term brain after-effects. This book engages players, parents and coaches by sharing ‘hot off the press’ neuroscience updates on youth sports head injuries in basic terms, and offers this same approach for how BPE Youth Fast-Track helps prevent and offset concussive and subconcussive brain cell damage scientists have learned is more significant and longer lasting than previously realized. “Winning’s” authors include an international youth sports head injury physician safety advocate and former U.S. Air Force Officer who originated Head’s Up, Don’t Duck for USA Hockey over 20 years ago (adopted by most sports), and two clinician-scientists, one of whom coached 3 high risk youth sports for two decades while raising five high-school/college athletes (one multiply concussed), and serving as COO and Chief Patient Care Officer at the nation’s first brain and behavioral health hospital exclusively for patients under 21. This book also focuses on BPE Youth’s capacity to enhance athletic performance, and improve academic and socio-emotional life—a dream come true for youth athletes, parents and coaches, a select three-some we call the “Big-3”. We leave no stone unturned that could prevent worst-case concussion outcomes or longer-term brain damage consequences, every Big-3’s biggest fear, even teaching about sports head injury’s potential to cause serious mental illnesses including clinical depression in youth athletes—and how to best address and treat this worrisome reality. Finally, in an unprecedented overture, given the urgency to reduce youth sports head injuries now with all that is at stake with this emerging U.S. public health crisis (soon to emerge globally as the brain injury research on the world’s most popular sport soccer surfaces), we ask the Big-3 to partner with us to help spread the word about BPE Youth Fast-Track’s Best Practices and Honor Code using their social media networks, led by youth athletes of course! This interactive style extends to requesting feedback from the Big-3 on Brain In Play’s Facebook page for how we can improve BPE-Youth Fast-Track going forward.

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