Disease Prevention & Anti-Aging

The Nobel Prize For ‘The Fountain of Youth’ & the Epigenomics of Wellness

In December 2009, after 40 years of work, scientist Elizabeth Blackburn was celebrating – she won the Nobel Prize for Medicine...ostensibly for discovering the 'Fountain of Youth’. Indeed, she had discovered the causes of aging, and more importantly, identified the specific bio-genetic processes that can be manipulated to delay aging. Most importantly, her research showed that the these same ‘anti-aging’ factors can also prevent, reverse, or minimize chronic diseases, and also how the same triggers which speed up aging also cause chronic illnesses.

EPIGENOMiCs of Wellness & Anti-aging

Blackburn’s Nobel anti-aging/disease-prevention premise combines best wellness behaviors with great stress management, which together turn on ‘good’ disease-prevention genes and turn off ‘bad’ disease-causing genes...

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