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We are a scientific brain wellness company dedicated to preventing and treating the nation’s most prevalent diseases and injuries of the brain using a new research based neuro-behavioral solution called Brain Performance Enhancement℠ or BPE.  Founded by clinician-scientists, we believe brain-challenged seniors (or those high risk for memory problems) are best treated in familiar environments that offer structure and age-similar peer-groups, like Assisted Living Communities, Adult Day Cares, Memory Centers or Retirement Communities.


We first prototyped BPE with ALC residents, adult day care center clients, and at two of our medical offices. It seemed BPE was having greater impact with ALCs and Day Cares. Subsequently, an 8-week scientific study with 17 Day Care Center subjects found brain challenged clients had statistically significant improvement in both cognition and mood with exposure to only 2 of BPE’s best practices. These groundbreaking results will be presented and published internationally in 2017,  supporting non-medication solutions can improve/reverse mild cognitive neurological impairment in a population high risk for Alzheimer’s disease.


BPE’s unprecedented brain-saving and life-improving value results from the combined effect our best practices, activation science and talk-therapies, working in synch, exert to turbocharge and maintain brain wellness.  This aggregation is what enhances the functioning, communication, preservation, growth and vascularization of brain cells. Our careful evaluation/integration of medical, lifestyle and family histories informs a personalized/precision medicine and brain/behavioral health approach – supporting individualized brain wellness plans.  ​


BPE-certified coaches and therapists are using field-tested prototypes to treat clients with neurodegenerative brain diseases/injuries ranging from Mild Cognitive Impairment and early-mid stage Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s, to Chronic Psychiatric Conditions and Persistent Post Concussive Syndromes. BPE shifts clients and families from passive chronic illness paradigms, to proactive ‘can-do’ hopeful mind-sets.


Brain In Play’s goal with BPE is to improve the life quality of as many brain-challenged persons as possible, and to prevent/delay full dementia onset for those who are high risk by virtue of genetics, lifestyle, head trauma, and/or age.

Saving Brains -  Improving Lives

 By developing new brain wellness therapies and care delivery models based on the latest biomedical research, decades of experience, client/family feedback, and our own scientific studies, we are helping save brains and improve lives. We believe there is no more compelling cause than providing caring to others that optimizes their brain wellness and quality of life.

Management Team

Our founders are brain wellness clinician-scientists, Katharine and Bill White – both APRN-BCs and former hospital C-Suite officers whose commitment to improving brain disease/injury treatment is professional and personal. Our medical director is global brain and spinal-cord sports safety icon Alan Ashare MD. Other advisors include thought-leaders in neurology, research science, technology, diagnostic imaging, entrepreneurship, geriatrics and behavioral health.

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